Phil Solem is one half of The Rembrandts, the duo best known for the hits songs Just The Way It Is, Baby and I'll Be There For You. Phil also has a rock trio called THRUSH with bassist John Fields and drummer Michael Bland.

Currently operating out of Minneapolis, Phil writes and records solo material and music with THRUSH, in addition to writing, recording, and producing for other bands. Phil also continues to perform and record with longtime friend Danny Wilde in The Rembrandts.
Check out The Rembrandts Dot Net for all the info on those guys...
TODAY SHOW -  On May 2, 2014 The Rembrandts perform and make an announcement on NBC's The Today Show!

SOLEM & HILLIS - Phil Solem & Cliff Hillis have a new single  'Tonight' available on the Multitracks App

CRISPIN CIDERS - new series of spots music by Phil
HODGEPODGE - Phil's latest solo album!
THE DRIFT BENDERS -  Phil's duo with Joey Molland of Badfinger
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